SNAC Coordinators/Volunteers


If you have news of your local SNAC programme and/or documentation celebrating your SNAC successes, please contact the National SNAC Coordinator


National SNAC Coordinator, Romania:
Liliana Preoteasa: or.ude.udem@asaetoerp.anailil
Catalina Chendea: or.ude.udem@aednehc.anilatac
Iolanda Catinean: or.ude.udem@naenitac.adnaloi

The sustained success of the National Strategy for Community Action in Romania is due to the energy, enthusiasm and hard work of Directors, Coordinators, teachers, carers and volunteers in the linked schools, centres and institutions. Congratulations to all involved - we look forward to hearing more good news stories about the SNAC.

Your on-going commitment to the SNAC ensures Romania's lead in Community Action across Europe as the country with the longest running National Strategy for Community Action and the country with the largest number of young people (volunteers and benficiaries) involved in Community Action.

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